Town of Moreau

Marriage License Information

Under 17 years old   17 years old

Marriage is prohibited in New York State


Need both parents to be present and to sign a Consent Form. There are certain circumstances under which one parent can consent. Parents must bring photo identification and applicants must bring birth certificates.

And, the written approval of a Justice of the Supreme Court or of a Judge of the Family Court having jurisdiction over the Town or City in which the application is made

  • • Both applicants for a Marriage License must appear to apply for a Marriage License.
  • • If either applicant has been divorced, the final divorce decree must be submitted for review before a marriage license will be issued. 
  • • If multiple divorces have been granted, all final divorce decrees must be submitted for a review before a marriage license will be issued.
  • • Applicants must bring photo identification and birth certificates.
  • • A fee of $40.00 is charged. Thirty Dollars ($30.00) is for the Marriage License. Ten ($10.00) is for the Marriage Certificate which will be issued after the solemnization takes place. Fees are waived for Active Duty Military.
  • • The Marriage License is valid for 60 days after the issue date. The 60 day time period begins on the day following the date of issue. The Marriage License cannot be used for 24 hours after it is issued.
  • • After the marriage has been preformed, and the Marriage License is returned to the Moreau Town Clerk's Office, a Marriage Certificate will be issued.