Town of Moreau



In compliance with the NYS Open Meetings Law that took effect on February 2, 2012, attached are documents supporting the items on the agenda  Documents too large to scan are available in the Building Department for review.


Meetings streamed via Zoom will end after 3/21
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Additional paperwork/plans available at the Building Department

*Saratoga BioChar Solutions LLC information is below Please scroll down

Planning Board Agenda Monday March 20, 2023 - CLICK HERE


Applicant(s) on the Agenda

1. Mullen - Burt Road 3-Lot Subdivision


2. Old School Pest Control - 1643 Saratoga Road Route 9


3. Wings Falls Quilters Guild - Corner of Route 9 & Merritt Road





Applications pending - NOT on upcoming agenda


  • Ty Hall- PUD

Ty Hall -Application Submission


  • U.S. Light & Energy - Solar

U.S. Light -Application submission


  • BKM Properties - Route 9 Highway construction / Staging

BKM -Application submission







* Supporting Documents for Saratoga BioChar Soultions LLC

1. Saratoga BioChar Response to TPB member Purdue concerns

2. Saratoga BioChar Environmental Assessment Review Part I,II,III

3. Saratoga BioChar Solid Waste Faciliy Permit Application

4. Saratoga BioChar Air Facility Permit Application

5. SWPPP Draft  -  02.18.22

6. SWPPP Comments 03.10.22

7. Saratoga BioChar Wastewater Profile

8.Saratoga BioChar Wasterwater Profile Approval

9. Saratoga BioChar Site Plan

10. SWPPP Draft 03.25.22

11. BioChar Water Engineer Report

12. BioChar Wastewater Engineer Report

13. BioChar RotoChipper Noise Map

14. Saratoga BioChar Solutions Letter of Support

15. Saratoga BioChar Solutions Letter of Support

16. BioChar Statement Letter

Additional info below:

1. BioChar Submittal letter

2.BioChar Good Neighbor Policy

3.BioChar Public Hearing Response Statement

4.BioChar Spill Control Plan

5.BioChar Noise Review Letter

6.BioChar PFAS Remediation information

7.BioChar Fire and Emergency Planning Summary

8.BioChar Site Utilities Plan

9.BioChar Final Stack Height

10.BioChar Elevation Plans

11.BioChar Facility Operating Manual

12.BioChar Project Review Letter from Water Superintendent

13. SBS Resolution to Deny Site Plan Approval Draft

14.SBS Resolution Approval with Conditions Draft

15.SBS SEQR Rescinssion Resolution Draft

16.SBS Attatchments to SEQR Rescinssion and Denial of Site Plan Resolution