Town of Moreau

Hudson River Access Plans


The Town of Moreau is working on a collaborative effort with the NYS Department of State, Division of Coastal Resources to undertake the development of a master plan for a new Town park on the shores of the Hudson River. The park would be located on Town-owned land on Farnan Road. Consideration is also being given to extending recreational uses onto State-owned property adjoining the Town-owned parcel just to the south.

Using the guidance from the Hudson River Champlain Feeder Canal Regional Waterfront Plan and the Town Comprehensive Land Use Plan the master plan being developed will set forth the community’s vision for recreational use of this key waterfront area. The process to develop the plan includes actively reaching out to the residents of the Town to suggest what types of recreation would be appropriate for the site. A Community Visioning Session was conducted on June 23rd where attendees worked in small groups to discuss their ideas for what types of recreation would be of interest given the location of the site and its attributes and constraints. Ideas discussed ranged from walking and picnicking to use of carry-in canoes and kayaks to use on the river.

The Town is now in the process of reviewing the input received and developing alternative plans to accommodate the uses as outlined by the residents. A second meeting will be held this fall asking for the residents to review the alternatives and provide feedback. The master plan is scheduled for completion by February of 2012.

This document was prepared for the New York State Department of State with funds provided under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.
Bird photos courtesy of Gordon Elmers