Town of Moreau

Town Assessor

Leah Cronin, Acting Assessor  

Leah M Cronin, IOA, Sole Assessor

Matthew Espey, Senior Assessment Clerk

Phone: (518) 792-1030 Ext 4
Assessor's Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM - 4PM
Closed all major holidays

2024 Change of Assessments

Change of Assessment Notices will be mailed out the 4th week of April, 2024.  The Town of Moreau maintains a level of assessment at a uniform percentage of 100% of market value, ensuring all property assessments are fair and equitable.

As most of us know, property sales continue to be at record highs not only here in the Town of Moreau and Saratoga County, but state wide.  Please understand, you did not have to do anything to your home to increase it's value.  These increases are strictly market driven.

Before you call our office, we ask a couple of things from you.  First take a moment to look at the recent sales in your neighborhood.  They are shocking even to me.  Below on this page , click on the link "PROS Property Search" to view detailed information about your property.  Once you are on the site go to quick property search and then enter your address.  Please utilize the "Comparables" tab to view comparable property assessments and sale prices.  After you've looked at the sales, ask yourself if you were to list your property for sale today, what would you ask for it? Could you sell your property for the assessment, if your answer is no and you can support your case, give us a call at (518) 792-1030 x4.  If we agree with the supporting documentation you provided, we will offer you a reduction.  If we disgree, your next option is to file a complaint if the Board of Assessment Review.  See "Grievance Information Tab" for instructions.

Quick Links For More Resources

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PROS Property Search (Property Search)

SDG Imagemate (Property Search)- Not Updated until After May 3rd.

Fair Assessments (Guide on Fair Assessments)

Rp-524 (Grievance Application)


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For Information on Exemptions Please Visit the Exemption Page

Assessor's Calendar Year
Valuation Date: July 1st
Taxable Status Date: March 1st
Exemption Filing Deadline: March 1st
Tentative Roll: May 1st
Final Roll: July 1st


Job of the Assessor:
The assessor is responsible estimating the value of real property within the town and produces a yearly tentative and final assessment roll, which is the document that contains every property description and value of real property in the municipality.

The assessor also updates new construction, and major improvements to existing structures as to maintain a current value. The assessor also approves and keeps track of property tax exemptions Senior citizen, School Tax Relief (STAR), veterans and agricultural.

The assessor reviews every transfer of real property in the municipality. The basic information on the buyer, seller and sale price is reviewed for accuracy. Assessment records are then updated.


This site provides access to all Saratoga County Real Property information.
Users may access tax maps, photos, comparable assessments and sales.


2024 Tentative Assessment Roll

2024 Equalization Rate: 100%


The Town of Moreau’s Assessor has compiled the data contained on this site for
the sole purpose of property assessments and taxing information.

This information is not intended for use of any other purpose.
The Town of Moreau is not liable for accuracy of data appearing on this site.

The complexity of Equalization Values and Taxable Values:

A municipality is authorized to assess at market value. The Assessed value is the level of assessment

a community is assessing at, in this instance the Town of Moreau has a LOA (level of assessment) of

100%, which is the taxable value, based on sales and other components throughout the year.

The equalization rate is the state’s means to assure property tax allocation among taxing jurisdictions

and to allocate State Aid for Education.  Aside from apportionment of taxes among municipal

segments of school district, counties and distribution of State Aid for Education, the rate is used

to establish tax and debt limits, determination of state assessments such as state-owned land, railroad,

agricultural values and the level of star exemptions.  The rate takes into consideration all major type

properties.  Equalization rates DO NOT indicate the degree of uniformity among assessments within a municipality.

The Town of Moreau is seeking individuals possessing knowledge of property values to serve as members of the Board of Assessment Review.  Please Submit your Application and Resume to the Town Clerk.