Town of Moreau

Birth, Death & Marriage Copies

The Moreau Town Clerk's Office follows the guidelines as set forth by the New York State Health Department (Vital Records Section) for all searches of birth, death or marriage records.

Please do not ask my office to "bend the rules" because another office you may have visited did not follow these same guidelines.

Please do not expect us to search for your records while you wait. We have many duties and responsibilities and we will fill your request as soon as possible. We will do our best to locate the record (s) you are requesting in the shortest possible time...however, we need your cooperation.

Applicants must complete a written application. NO INFORMATION WILL BE FURNISHED OVER THE TELEPHONE.

Applicants must pay the required fee for each search and Certified Copy, for each search and Certified Transcript or for each search and No Record Certification Form.  Effective August 1, 2003 the New York State Department of Health set the following fee schedule: 

Certified Transcripts & Certifications of Birth, Death and Marriage are $10.00 per copy.

 No fee is charged for copies of records needed for school entrance, working papers, welfare assistance or veterans benefits.

Birth, death and marriage records are confidential and are not open for public inspection. THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION LAW DOES NOT APPLY TO VITAL RECORDS. Section 4173 of the NYS Public Health Law and Part 35 of the State Commissioner's Administrative Rules & Regulations place restrictions on access to these records.

Searching of records must be conducted only by the Registrar, the Deputy Registrar or an authorized employee of the Registrar. In the Town of Moreau, the Town Clerk and her deputy serve as Registrar and Deputy Registrar


For fees related to Genealogy, please note that our office will charge $1.00 for each uncertified copy.

The links below are to New York State forms. If a record is of unknown origin, a record may be requested from NYS with these forms. FOR MOREAU REQUESTS, PLEASE USE THE LINKED DOCUMENT ABOVE.

Birth Certificate Request Form

Death Certificate Request Form

Marriage Certificate Request Form

Genealogy Copies - Request Form