Town of Moreau Transfer Station

Recycling Hours Link below

Rt. 9 Butler Road (518)-798-8126

Winter Hours Effective 9/25/14 (Recycling information link below)

For Town of Moreau and Saratoga County Residents
Recycling center 1-866-738-7348
User Permit Required

Town of Moreau
Residents Fees
Non-Resident (Saratoga County)
Wilton, Northumberland, Corinth Household Garbage:
13 Gallon Bag/Can
15-32 Gallon Bag/Can
33-45 Gallon Bag/Can
46-55 Gallon Bag/Can
56-90 Gallon Bag/Can
Pick-Up Truck 1 Cu. Yd. Bed Per Layer
Pick-Up Truck 2 Cu. Yd. Bed Per Layer

Fee Schedule

Bulk Household Debris
[Non-Kitchen Garbage]
Tires Large Single Items
$17.00-Per Cubic Yard
$2.00-up to 15"
$8.00-Large Chair
$12.75- 3/4 Cubic Yard
$3.00-16" and Over
$8.00-Large Sofa
$8.50- 1/2 Cubic Yard
$4.25- 1/4 Cubic Yard
$8.00-Box Spring
$16.00-Sofa Bed/Hide-a-Bed

Furniture, mattresses and rugs that are soaking wet will be charged double!
Pick-up loads of C & D are NOT ALLOWED!!
Composting, Leaves, Grass clippings-NO CHARGE

Brush fees have been eliminated by the Town Board effective 9/14/10.  No commercial haulers and no lot clearing.  Only fallen limbs/brush from storm damage.  Check with the Transfer Station clerk on size limits.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICESaratoga County is changing some of the Recycling Center hours to save on overtime and keep them similar to the Transfer Station hours.  Moreau Recycling will now be closed on Wednesdays, to mirror the hours of the Transfer Station.  The hours of operation for recycling will be Monday and Tuesday 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM, Thursday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM and Friday & Saturday 7:30 AM – 3:45 PM.

Saratoga County Recycling Hours

Handy Recycling Information for Town of Moreau Residents