Town of Moreau Transfer Station

Recycling Hours are the same as Transfer Station.

Rt. 9 Butler Road (518)-798-8126

For Town of Moreau and Saratoga County Residents
Recycling center 518 798-8126
User Permit Required

Town of Moreau
Residents Fees
Non-Resident (Saratoga County)
Wilton, Northumberland, Corinth Household Garbage:
13 Gallon Bag/Can
15-32 Gallon Bag/Can
33-45 Gallon Bag/Can
46-55 Gallon Bag/Can
56-90 Gallon Bag/Can
Pick-Up Truck 1 Cu. Yd. Bed Per Layer
Pick-Up Truck 2 Cu. Yd. Bed Per Layer

Fee Schedule

Bulk Household Debris
[Non-Kitchen Garbage]
Tires Large Single Items
$17.00-Per Cubic Yard
$2.00-up to 15"
$8.00-Large Chair
$12.75- 3/4 Cubic Yard
$3.00-16" and Over
$8.00-Large Sofa
$8.50- 1/2 Cubic Yard
$4.25- 1/4 Cubic Yard
$8.00-Box Spring
$16.00-Sofa Bed/Hide-a-Bed

Furniture, mattresses and rugs that are soaking wet will be charged double!
Pick-up loads of C & D are NOT ALLOWED!!
Composting, Leaves, Grass clippings-NO CHARGE

Brush fees have been eliminated by the Town Board effective 9/14/10.  No commercial haulers and no lot clearing.  Only fallen limbs/brush from storm damage.  Check with the Transfer Station clerk on size limits.

Hours of operation for the Transfer Station and Recycling - effective April 16, 2015

The Town of Moreau is currently handling the recycling - those hours are the same as the Transfer Station. 

Handy Recycling Information for Town of Moreau Residents