Town of Moreau

Parking Permits for People with Disabilities

Anyone who wishes to obtain a  parking permit must apply to the issuing agent in the city, town or village where he/she lives.

The applicant and the applicant's physician must complete NYS Form MV664.1, Application for Parking Permit. Requests on physician's letterhead will also be accepted. The medical conditions specified on the application form are the same criteria found in the federal guidelines for the parking permit program.   For further information and forms you may visit the following website:

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, only one permit will be issued to each applicant.

New penalties are in effect for the program. The disabled person must always be with the vehicle displaying the permit.

There is no charge for the permit. 

License plates for the disabled person's vehicle are also available and can be obtained from the NYS Motor Vehicle Department. The same NYS Form MV664.1 is required.

Permits can be issued for a Temporary Disability (up to 6 months) or for a Permanent Disability (up to 5 years). The applicant must return to the issuing clerk for a replacement permit.