Town of Moreau

Grieving Your Assessment


Grievance Day


 Every property owner in the Town of Moreau has the right to grieve their assessed value.  Grievances are heard and evaluated at The Board of Assessment Review meeting which is held on the 4th Tuesday of May also known as Grievance day.  The next Grievance day will be held on May 28, 2024.  Please note Grievance day is for the aggrievement of your assessed value, NOT your taxes.  Change of Assessment Notices are mailed to property owners on May 1st.  For more information about the Aggrievement process please Click HERE. 

                                          To View the 2024 Tentative Assessment Roll please Click HERE.


If you would like to compare your property assessment with similar properties and view current sales, PROS Property Search and SDG Imagemate are both helpful resources.


For the Board of Assessment to review your assessment you must complete form RP-524.  Please Click HERE for Instructions on how to complete the Grievance Form.  The Assessor's office accepts Grievance Forms and supporting documentation from May 1, 2024 untill May 28, 2024.


Grievance Day in person visits are NOT mandatory.  A mailed in Grievance application will be viewed as if the complainant were present. No advantage is given to a homeowner who presents to the Board of Assessment Review in person.  All residents who choose to grieve their assessment are encouraged to do so by submitting the appropriate paperwork and supporting documentation by mail or utitilizing the Town's drop box located at the front of the Town Hall.