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STAR Options



New Homeowener's


All homeowener's who purchased their home after 03/01/2015 must register for the STAR Credit program through New York State.  Your STAR savings will be in the form of a check that you can use to help pay your full school bill.  To register for the STAR credit please CLICK HERE


STAR Credit


With the STAR Credit option, you will receive a STAR check each year, instead of receiving the savings on your school bill.  Through the Credit option you will automatically get the savings you are entitled to (Basic or Enhanced).  Once you apply for the STAR Credit you do not have to reapply unless there is a change in ownership or primary residence.  All homeowners can receive the savings only for their primary residence if the combined income of the owners and the owner’s spouse is $500,000 or less. Please note that if you purchased your home after 03/01/2015 you can only apply for the STAR Credit. 


You must apply for the STAR Credit through the New York State department of Tax and Finance (NYSDTF).  You can register by calling NYSDTF at (518) 457-2036 or online.  Please Click HERE if you wish to register online.  The Deadline to apply is two weeks prior to July 1st.



 STAR Exemption

Through the STAR Exemption you receive the savings on your School tax bill.  If you are receiving the STAR Exemption you can continue doing so as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.  The STAR Exemption is administered by the local assessor’s office.


For information regarding the Senior Enhanced benefit please call the Assessor's Office at

(518) 792-1030x4


 Making The Switch

If you are receiving the STAR Exemption you can choose to switch to the STAR Credit program.  Many residents have switched to the Credit program for the potential of receiving a greater benefit.  The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance best explains the possible greater benefit in their Question and Asnwer page.  Please CLICK HERE to view that page.


For more information on the STAR programs please click HERE.

STAR Savings 2023

Basic STAR- $37,280

Enhanced STAR- $101,150

* The Basic & Enhanced STAR income limits are adjusted annualy. please contact the assessor's office for moreinformation