Town of Moreau

Zoning Board Agenda


In compliance with the NYS Open Meetings Law that took effect on February 2, 2012, attached are documents supporting the items on the agenda.


Meetings streamed via Zoom will end after 3/23 - Please click HERE for more details


Zoning Board Of Appeals


 Next Meeting: 

  7:00pm Wednesday May 22, 2024


Zoning Board Agenda - CLICK HERE


Applicant(s) & supporting documents on the Agenda:

APPEAL NO 861 McGeevy Area Variance

McGreevy - Area Variance Application & Supporting Documents

McGreevy - Aerial Pic


APPEAL NO 684 Ayers Area Variance

Ayers - Area Variance Application

Ayers - Supporting Documents


APPEAL NO 865 Arnold Area Variance

Arnold - Area Variance Application

Arnold - Aerial Pic

Arnold - Short EAF Form


Applications Pending:

Appeal No. 863 Music: Special Use Permit Campground & RV Park Fox Head Trail 195 Mott Road

 Special Use Permit Application

Project Proposal Fox Head Trail Campground Narrative

Septic & Layout Plans

EAF Short form

Disturbed Area Drawing