Town of Moreau

Town of Moreau Town Clerk's Office

Erin Trombley Ellen Buttles, Deputy Town Clerk Dianne Lewis, Deputy Town Clerk
Erin Trombley
Town Clerk
Receiver of Taxes
Records Management Officer
Ellen Buttles
Deputy Town Clerk
Deputy Receiver of Taxes

Dianne Lewis
Deputy Town Clerk
Deputy Receiver of Taxes

The Town accepts debit, credit card and e-checks as a method of payment for Town & County taxes and water billing, On-line and in person. For all other Town business, we only accept these methods of payment in person. There is a fee of 2.50% of the total transaction with a minimum of $1.80. The fee for an e-check is $2.00. These fees are charged by the banking institution, which is used for the processing of the credit card transaction. The Town doesn't receive any of these fees. If you use a Visa debit card for Town & County tax payments, there is a flat fee of $3.95. (For fees related to school tax payments, please see the tax collection page.)

Annual Water Quality Report - We encourage all water customers to read the Annual Water Quality Report on the Water Dept. web page.   Any water customers who prefer to receive a paper copy of the report annually U.S.P.S. or e-mail, please call the Town Clerk's Office at (518) 792-1030, ext. 3.

If you are unable to come into the Town Clerk’s Office during normal business hours (M-F 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM) to license your dog for the first time, you can do so by mail.  Complete the Dog License Application that is found on the link below.  Please follow the instructions on the application.  A validated license will be returned to you. 

Note:  Renewal dog licenses are mailed to all dog owners the month the dog license is due to expire and the dog license renewal can be done in person or by mail.

Dog License Application

Town Clerk's Office provides the following services:

Marriage licenses 
 Parking Permit Application for Persons with Disabilities
• File birth & death certificates and burial permits that take place in the Town of Moreau
Accept applications and fees for recreational programs
Certificate of Residencies for College Students request
Application for search of vital records for genealogical purposes (PDF)
Birth, death and marriage records copy request
• Attend all town board meetings and record the business conducted; transcribe and file the minutes
• Assist Recreation Director by accepting applications and fees for various recreation programs and
   pavilion rentals
• Legal Notices, Bids, Public Hearing Notices, Notices of Adoption of Laws, Maintain files on Local Laws
• Attend Town Board Meetings, take minutes and transcribe
• General, primary, and special elections
• Freedom of Information requests
• Issuance of  parking permits for persons with disabilities
• Issuance of Certificates of Residencies for Students Attending Community Colleges
• Issuance of Certified Copies of Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates and Birth Certificates
• Issuance of licenses i.e., DEC Sporting Licenses, Dog Licenses, Marriage Licenses, Peddler Licenses, 
   Junkyard Licenses, Mining Permits, Bingo and Bell Jar Licenses
• Sale of Zoning Laws, Subdivision Regulations and Comprehensive Land Use Plan
• Offer Notary Services

The Town Clerk's Office also serves as the Receiver of Taxes. We are responsible for the collection of School Taxes on behalf of the South Glens Falls Central School District and the Town & County Taxes for the Town of Moreau.

As receiver of taxes we are also responsible for the collectinon of all water and sewer billings, which also services
the Moreau Industrial Park.

The Town Clerk's Office will also be accepting Building Use Permit Applications for the use of its Conference Room.   You may either pick up the application at the Town Hall Town Clerk's Office at 351 Reynolds Road, Moreau, NY  12828-9261 or download the application from the link below.  Please check with the Clerk's Office for the criteria for such use.  (518) 792-1030, ext. 3.

Building Use Permit Application